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Crater Electric has been servicing Southern Oregon’s electrical needs since 1976, focusing on Commercial, Service Change Outs, Whole Home Wiring, Custom Electrical and is now offering Solar.  Solar is a system we believe in, because we have tried it. Solar may not work for everyone, due to shade, cost, layout options, etc.  With Crater Electric we will give you our honest professional opinion, if you have worked with us in the past you probably already know that.  We don’t think it makes sense to leverage your home for 25 years to pay for a system, so we don’t offer those options.  The systems are eligible for tax incentives, we can go over those options with you.  Warranties on most solar systems are 25 years on the equipment, which we source from local vendors.  We use a wide range of manufacturers, using mainly U.S. based companies that even do some manufacturing in the states.  We install all our systems in house using our Licenced Electricians. 

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